NHL Suspensions Incoming?

Sunday was an interesting day for the NHL, in a matinee game between the Minnesota Wild and the Detroit Red Wings we saw Jared Spurgeon get speared in the face by Gustav Nyquist. There is no place in the NHL for actions like this and should be dealt with accordingly. The NHL player safety has the opportunity to make an impact here in an attempt to make the game safer. I believe Nyquist should be suspended for a minimum of 8 games.

Later that night during the Boston Bruins Montreal Canadians game we saw something similar but not quite that extent, Alex Galchenyuk got knocked down by Kevan Miller then retaliated by giving Miller a 2 handed slash to the face. I don’t believe the narrative that he was off balance and was accidental contact but I can understand that argument. This shouldn’t be much if even given a suspension my guess would be 2 games and or a fine.

Also in the Bruins Canadians game we saw Nathan Beaulieu spear Zdeno Chara in the groin region, this was clearly intentional and inexcusable but this is not close to the other two in danger. I expect Beaulieu to receive a medium fine and thats it nothing more nothing less.


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