NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog! Update

Pretty quiet day so far but it has been a pretty busy past few days here are some of the trades made.

Ducks grab a goal scorer but its a huge package they give up in return.
Toronto adds a big experienced center to their young talented team.
Just a swap of average defenseman, Pateryn wife freaked out about french people on twitter.
The biggest blockbuster of the deadline season so far and this really give the Caps a boost who are going all in.
Depth move by the Rangers who needed a defensive defenseman.
Blackhawks add some much needed depth on defense for their annual cup run by bringing back an old friend.
Montreal still retains 20% of Desharnais salary but they still benefit and save money from this deal.
Great deal for the Panthers who are making a push for the playoffs. I expected the Wings to get a lot more for Vanek maybe his market was dried up.
Montreal adds some more depth a great leader and a guy with cup experience to their team great pickup. Not sure why LA wanted to deal King but it happened.
It was known for weeks Iginla would be on the move, Kind of shocking he ends up in LA considering he was looking for a cup contending team. But I guess anywhere is better than Colorado.


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