NHL Hart Memorial Trophy Discussion

As we head into the final weeks of the NHL regular season it has become a popular conversation around the hockey world, who will win the Hart Memorial Trophy? I think it is safe to say it has become a 3 way race between Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid and Brad Marchand. The Hart Trophy is defined as “player judged the most valuable to his team”, now lets make a case on why each of these 3 should win or shouldn’t.

Sidney Crosby undisputedly the best player in the NHL, he does it all offensively and defensively. But I think he should be out of the race, I am not questioning Crosby’s skill but look at the players around him on his team without Sidney Crosby the Penguins would still be a cup contender. Malkin has 72 points to go along with Crosby’s 77 and Phil Kessel has 62 points 1 less than the 2nd best player on the Bruins and 1 more point than the 2nd best player on the Oilers.

Connor McDavid my pick to win the Hart Trophy, McDavid in just his 1st full NHL season has shined and carried the Oilers from laughing stock of the NHL to a bonafide playoff team. McDavid is clearly the 2nd best player in the NHL and one day will takeover as the best in the entire league, it doesn’t matter how you try and stop him it won’t work his speed burst and puck handling skills are unmatched.

Brad Marchand a player who I think deserves it just as much as McDavid has turned from NHL pest to a top 5 player. Marchand can impact a game on defense and offense, in just 2 years Marchand  has become one of the best goal scorers and penalty killers. He can also be an agitator and take players out of the game by his antics, most hockey fans see that as a bad thing and are quick to write him off as an elite hockey player and label him a “rat”.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with what he does and you can’t argue he’s a “dirty player” because dirty players target heads or players from behind which Marchand hasn’t done since he has evolved his NHL game. Unfortunately for Marchand most writers who vote for end of the season awards won’t look beyond his past and will hold that against him because he’s not considered an “NHL golden boy” like McDavid and Crosby are. My question to those writers/voters is where would the Bruins be without Marchand? Answer.. Not even sniffing a playoff position.


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