Making Sense Of Bruins Loss to Leafs

Last night was a pretty crazy, entertaining and frustrating game for Bruins fans.

The Good

Bruins top line of Marchand, Bergeron and Backes continue to dominate and produce for the Bruins. Marchand made a great play carrying the puck into the offensive zone using a heavy stick to avoid Toronto defenders than found Backes who put a great shot through the defensive screen for his 17th of the season.

The Bruins newly put together 4th line of Acciari, Moore, Nash this line was buzzing last night had a few chances in the o-zone, steady in the d-zone and gave the Bruins lots of energy last night.

Tuukka Rask after getting his lunch handed to him in their last game vs the Oilers brought his A+++ game last night he made some saves that were out of this world and there were times in the game where he made 3 or 4 saves in the span of 20 seconds. Rask finished the night with 26 saves on 28 shots.

The Bad

The Bruins 2nd and 3rd lines were non existent, this is a huge problem the B’s will need to fix if they plan on making the playoffs. Bruins 2nd line was made up of Beleskey, Krejci and Pastrnak and it was clear throughout the game Beleskey couldn’t play with Krejci and Pastrnak he lacked speed and wasn’t noticeably physical. The Bruins need to find a player who fits alongside Krejci and Pastrnak because in games where the Bruins have a makeshift LW Krejci is awful in games where they have a solid LW Krejci is great.

The 3rd line was made up of Vatrano, Spooner and Stafford and they were awful Spooner especially he was the only player on this line you noticed and it was for all the bad reasons defensive liability, offensive zone turnovers and lackluster plays on the power play. Vatrano and Stafford weren’t really noticeable at all not many good plays and some bad plays.

The Ugly

I hate to be that guy who blames the refs so I’m not going to blame them but boy oh boy were they awful last night. It all started with Soshnikovs cross-check to the numbers of Bergeron where it was noticeable Bergeron was bleeding from the face. Bergeron and Soshnikov both received 2 minute penalties which means the refs are basically saying it’s okay to hit someone from behind but you can’t defend yourself after it happens. Also on this note the NHL rule book says If a player is injured on a hit from behind it is an automatic 5 minute major penalty.. I didn’t know bleeding coming from your face isn’t an injury but now I know.

A little later in the game Leafs forward Matt Martin broke his skate blade in the Bruins defensive zone and instead of letting him hobble his way to the bench the Refs decided to blow the whistle and the problem with that is the Bruins had the puck in the Leafs zone, I am not saying the Bruins would’ve scored but you never know. Lets also not forget when Gregory Campbell had his leg broken the whistle was never blown and he had to find a way to get to the bench.

My last problem with the Refs was the interference call on Moore with just under 3 minutes remaining in a tie game with playoff implications. That was not interference it was your normal 1 on 1 battles in front of the net it just so happened that Soshnikov ( who should’ve been ejected earlier on in the game) went down like he had gotten shot by a sniper in the 9th floor press box. This wasn’t interference and it ended up leading to goal that won the Leafs the game. Just a rough night for the Refs in a game where they needed to be A+.


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