Why Brad Marchand Deserves A Suspension.

Brad Marchand was back to doing stupid Brad Marchand things last night. Towards the end of the 1st period of a playoff clinching game for the Bruins Marchand got a little shove to the back of his head by Lightning defenseman Jake Dotchin so what does Marchand do to retaliate? Slew foot? No he decides to spear Dotchin in the groin area then when Dotchin was down on the ice Marchand then proceeded to rub his stick against the face of Dotchin adding insult to injury. Marchand was then assessed a 5 minute major penalty and a game misconduct.

To make things worse for the Bruins at the time of this penalty the game was tied at 0 but Marchands teammates took him off the hook by killing off the 5 minute penalty then went on to beat the Lightning.

As many hockey fans know just a few months ago Brad Marchand got off easy with NHL Player Safety by receiving just a fine following his slew foot against Kronwall. This time that will not be the case although no player has ever been suspended for a spear to the groin region Marchand will be the 1st. I believe he deserves a 2 game suspension and a fine, those 2 games are the remainder of the regular season.

(But to defend Marchand a little bit because I’m a homer, a report came from a TD Garden official saying Dotchin when he got back to the Lightning bench after laying on the ice for 5 minutes then being helped off the ice was seen laughing and when the doctor came over to see if Dotchin needed medical attention he declined.) But before all you Tampa fans get all over me again for saying that, I do believe Marchand should and will be suspended.


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