Expansion Draft Thoughts

Hockey fans are only 2 weeks away from the expansion draft and this comes with fans worrying about who will be protected and who will be exposed. The Bruins sit in a pretty good spot compared to some teams and won’t have to expose any true impactful players and most likely will lose a bottom pair defenseman. Three guys to watch for are Adam McQuaid, Kevan Miller and Colin Miller I will list out of those three which one should be protected and why I think that.

Adam McQuaid – A glue guy for the Bruins defense but not important enough to protect. McQuaid has been the longest tenured Bruin out of this bunch but his time may be coming to an end, He is a solid stay at home defenseman brings a physical game that many Bruins players lack. The problem with McQuaid is the Bruins are moving to a different style that involves defenseman skating with the puck and bringing it up the ice and this is the worst part of McQuaid’s game in fact he has no game at all when attempting this and usually results in a turnover or him falling down and the opposition scores.

Final Verdict – Exposed but not taken

Kevan Miller – Another solid glue guy who can play a strong heavy style in the defensive zone. Miller differs from McQuaid though because he is able to play in Cassidy’s new up-tempo system not at the same level as players like McAvoy, Krug and Colin Miller but good enough where he does more good than bad. Another positive for protecting K.Miller is that he showed this past season he can play both LD and RD (natural position) something that comes in handy for the Bruins who are very RD heavy. Miller might not of been as glamorous as McAvoy in the B’s lone playoff series but he proved he is capable of stepping up and playing big minutes at a high level when needed to.

Final Verdict – Protected

Colin Miller – The youngest of the three and the one with the most potential, Colin is an interesting player he has shown flashes of being a star but the majority of his play has been mediocre. With that being said he shouldn’t be a lost cause because he is just 24 years old and some defenseman take a few years in the NHL to blossom into a star. The problem with Colin and the Bruins is that he is another RD and the B’s already have two studs on that side with McAvoy and Carlo, If Miller does blossom into a good defenseman but not quite the level of McAvoy and Carlo he will have a high price tag and something the Bruins can’t afford to pay a 3rd defensive pair player. But on the other side Miller fits perfect into the high-tempo style with his blazing speed and above average handles but he hasn’t shown us any consistency with it. Miller has been a liability with his turnover and rocket shots into opposing players shin pads.

Final Verdict – Exposed and taken by Vegas


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