Picking The Vegas Golden Knights Roster!

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 2.34.35 PM

You might be looking at this roster I picked and think this team is way too young to be competitive and you might be right but Vegas can’t expect to be an elite team right away. The only thing I didn’t include in this draft is the draft picks Vegas will have from teams that don’t want one of their players plucked off their roster.

The forward group I picked is interesting, you have guys like Nelson and Marchessault who are both young and good offensive producers. Then I have James Neal who surprisingly wasn’t protected by Nashville who is still just 29 years old and can score from anywhere on the ice. Another group I have is guys who still extremely young but haven’t done anything with their careers so far Yakupov, Griffith, Grigorenko, Connolly, Bennett. Those are guys you have an opportunity to take a chance on and if they turn into good players you have a good core. The last part of the forward group is 3rd and 4th line filler guys who won’t give you much but are solid in their own zone and might give you 10-20 points a season.

The defenseman are probably one of the strongest parts of this team with names like Vatanen, Dumba and van Riemsdyk. Those guys are a great top 3 to have who are all under contract and young and give you great offensive and defensive zone play. The next group is Colin Miller, Nesterov and Pedan, they haven’t been able to put it all together yet but show promising signs that they can have very good careers. The last part of the group is guys who won’t give you much offensively but are pretty solid in their own zone (Methot, Bogosian). The one guy left is Michael Del Zotto who is the only player on this team who is not under contract and it’s a risk by drafting him but if he does sign you get yourself a really good offensive defenseman who can play good minutes.

The goalie group I picked is stacked you have 3 net-minders who have starter capabilities. Fleury got a huge bonus when he had a really good playoff run before he was replaced by Murray. Mrazek is another guy who shown the ability to have long stretches of being starting goalie caliber but was exposed because of “Attitude Issues” if he can figure all that out and keep getting better in net you have your goalie of the future. Last is Eddie Lack and he could be an okay starter but luckily Vegas won’t need him to be if he does make the team over Fleury or Mrazek he can give you a solid 20-30 games of being a good backup goalie something every team needs.

Overall I think this is a solid team that can be okay to good and isn’t old so they wont need to worry about players declining, but there is a lot of risks and trusting these players to become good as they age.


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