Bruins Development Camp Day 1

The 1st Bruins development camp in the Warrior Ice Arena got off to a hot start today.

This years camp is loaded with talented prospects like Jakub Zboril, Trent Frederic, Ryan Donato, Zach Senyhyn and Urho Vaakanainen. Unfortunately for Bruins fans they won’t be able to see Jeremy Lauzon (Sports hernia surgery) and Ryan Lindgren (Broken Leg) then newly signed, NHL hopeful Anders Bjork won’t be in Boston until Saturday.

But I will give an overview of what I saw out on the ice today.


Defenseman Jakub Zboril: 2015 1st round pick was quite impressive today in both sessions but we will start 1st in the defenseman only session. The first drill was a tap, pivot, shoot drill and Zboril was the star of it showing off his good foot movement and the ability to get off quick, hard and accurate shots. Then later in session two there was a center ice gauntlet drill where Zboril showed his defensive ability making multiple good plays stripping the puck off the forwards.

Forward Mason Jobst: An undrafted camp invitee who plays at The Ohio State University, Jobst made a huge jump in his sophomore season where he put up 19 goals, 36 assists for 55 points. Jobst has one glaring issue and that is the fact he is only 5’8 but truthfully he looks like he is about 5’6 and you never know how those players will adjust to the NHL level. There is no denying the fact that he has skills though, today he showed off his + speed and + shot. Multiple times today he was able to blow past defensemen and pick the top corners on the goalies.


Defenseman Victor Berglund: 2017 7th round pick was another player I was pleasantly surprised about today on the offensive side of the game. Berglund was able to show his good foot speed and passing ability in multiple drills. A very good skater that fits the new Bruins identity of speedy defenseman who are able to move the puck up the ice quick.

Defenseman Urho Vaakanainen: 2017 1st round pick had some good moments today and some young mistakes which you can expect from a first year pro at development camp. Another player who fits the Bruins identity of a puck moving defensemen, showed off good footwork and speed but struggled at times to have good foot movement and get off a quick accurate shot at the same time. He has a bright future and I look forward to seeing more of him as this weekend progresses.


Defenseman Wiley Sherman: 2013 5th round pick. At 6’7 Sherman is a monster on the ice but he had a pretty bad first day, it all started in the first drill where Sherman fell over 3 times when trying to pivot while catching a pass from coach Jay Leach. Just one drill later Sherman also struggled at getting off hard accurate shots which is not ideal when there is no players defending you and no goalie in the net. Hopefully he improves over this weekend.

Defenseman Daniel Bukac: 2017 7th round pick. Another lengthy defenseman who had awful footwork, obviously bigger guys don’t have the same skill has small players in footwork but he had some issues with pivoting where it looked slow and unorthodox. The biggest flaw I noticed in Bukac’s game was his passing ability and vision, multiple times Bukac tried passing the puck through an opposing player or just missed a wide open player by a few feet whether that puck went into the skates, behind the player or too far in front. As of today I am going to chalk that up as day one nerves and hopefully he can change that as development camp progresses.


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