Development Camp Day 2

Standout Players:

Defenseman Wiley Sherman who I criticized yesterday after his rough start to development camp had a nice bounce back day today. Sherman showed his defensive abilities in a 1v1 drill where he stopped forward Jack Studnicka just above the hashmarks. Sherman was also impressive in the small ice 3v3 where he showed off both offensive and defensive abilities.

Forward Oskar Steen in the 1st session was able to show off his explosive speed and + hands in drills. I was really impressed when Steen showed his ability to maintain speed while doing the circles then explode out when he went to the next circle.

Forward Jack Studnicka had a good day as well, he isn’t a flashy player that will jump out at you but he does everything right. Looks like a very good skater with some size and has a very smooth stride nothing choppy about it.

Forward Trent Frederic had a rough spot today in one drill where he missed the net twice from about 2 feet from the crease right in front of Sweeney and the rest of the Bruins brass. Im not going to say it was all bad for Frederic though because he did have a nice showing in the 3v3.

3v3 4 min video


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