Development Camp Grades! (Goalies)

Robert McGovern: B- The U-Maine product had a solid week, Didn’t really do anything to jump out at anyone but good enough to be noticed. McGovern is a Massachusetts native and had a 2.99 goals against average in his sophomore season at U-Maine. McGovern went un-drafted and should gather some interest once he finishes his collegiate career.

Jeremy Swayman: A+ The Bruins 4th round pick from this past draft had a very strong showing this week in his first development camp. Swayman was in my opinion the best goalie on the ice and showed off his ability to be flexible in the crease and make some strong saves. Swayman will play 1 more season in juniors and then will be heading to U-Maine in 2018-2019.

Dan Vladar: C- The only goalie in this group with any professional experience did not show much at all. I had high expectations for Vladar this week and came back un-impressed, countless times Vladar had an opportunity to make several easy saves but the puck just sound a way into the back of the net. Vladar will be spending next season on a shuttle bus going back and fourth between Atlanta (ECHL) and Providence (AHL).

James Corcoran: A The local high school kid had a good three days of camp that concluded with a strong showing where he stopped Senyshyn (Video Below) and had about three poke-checks in a row. Corcoran will be heading to Winchendon school this fall and play in the USHS.


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