Three Offseason Trade Suggestions

This offseason has not been kind to those who love big trades, so I decided to come up with three trades of my own that would be beneficial for both teams.

Boston trades Ryan Spooner to Arizona for Anthony Duclair- I have been throwing this trade idea out ever since December of last year, from both players’ sides and teams’ sides it makes perfect sense. Duclair in his first year with the Coyotes appeared in 81 games and put up 44 points, pretty good for a rookie but in year two he played in 58 games and only had 15 points, a severe drop off that included a trip back to the AHL. Duclair would be a good fit on a Bruins team that is stockpiling young wingers hoping a few could jump on to the NHL roster next season and Duclair would be a great fit alongside David Krejci on the 2nd line.

For Ryan Spooner this could be a chance to finally play center on a first or second line. Spooner had 39 points last season on a year where he bounced around from line to line, center to wing. There is no questioning Spooner is extremely talented offensively and this move could bring him from 40-50 points per season to 60 or 70 points.

Carolina trades Noah Hanifin and a 2nd round pick to Colorado for Matt Duchene- This move is a no brainer for both teams in my opinion. First off, no matter how much Sakic plays it off, Colorado needs to rebuild. When you win only 22 games in a season, you can not bring back the same team. This trade brings you back a future #1 defenseman that plays very good in all three zones.

For Carolina this move gives you a #1 center who you can pair with Jeff Skinner to make a really strong 1-2 combo that will change the way opposing teams view your offense. Losing Hanifin is tough but your defense will still be in great shape with Jaccob Slavin, Justin Faulk and Trevor van Riemsdyk.

Colorado trades Gabriel Landeskog to Buffalo for Cliff Pu, Justin Bailey and Jacob Bryson-  Piggybacking on the last trade for Colorado, this once again falls into the category of restocking your prospect pool. Cliff Pu is one of Buffalo’s top prospects and he had a great breakout season in the OHL last year with the London Knights where he put up 86 points in 63 games. Also, you get Justin Bailey who was a 2nd round pick in 2013 and put up 36 points in the AHL last season and 45 the year before. He should also be ready to make a full-time jump to the NHL this season. Jacob Bryson is an under-the- radar prospect who plays at Providence College and in his freshman season put up 20 points in 39 games. He’s a bit undersized for a defenseman but his skill set should play very well in the NHL once he becomes fully developed.

For Buffalo they need to get more pieces around Jack Eichel and in this trade they do exactly that, Landeskog is still just 24-years old and coming off a rough season where he had 33 points in 72 games but before that he was consistently above 50 points a season. This accelerates the Sabres rebuild a bit and gets some more talent around their star center as they hope to jump back into the playoff picture.


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