Trouble in Paradise Between Pastrnak and Bruins?

Yesterday afternoon Brian Lawton put out an interesting tweet that gave all Bruins fans around the world a mini heart attack.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 1.09.21 PM

I am going to attempt to better clarify why Bruins fans shouldn’t be overly worried about Brian’s tweet.

First things first, when looking at Brian’s tweet a couple of things to notice, he never said the words likely, actively shopping, motivated, or will be, instead he said “not surprised”, which tells me it’s not likely and there is a better chance of it not happening than happening. Next would be the fact that this is the 1st time this summer we have heard of serious issues between Pastrnak’s camp and the Bruins. A few weeks ago Sweeney mentioned that talks were in a “holding pattern” which is pretty typical for any negotiation involving a number of years and a big sum of money, but before that all we heard was that talks were progressing. Usually in a negotiation that leads to a trade something needs to go wrong multiple times for a player to end up being dealt. Not to mention there are also quite a few examples of times the Bruins took a while to get extensions done, whether it was Marchand when he was an RFA getting it done the night before training camp started or Reilly Smith and Torey Krug who both got it done a week after training camp had begun.

Next thing is the fact we see this every summer with an RFA and they almost always never get traded. Last year we saw Nikita Kucherov who ended up signing a 3 year $14.3 million extension with the Lightning and went on to put up 85 points. Then last summer again we saw Jacob Trouba who was in a little different situation since he requested a trade and decided to hold out, but about two months after holding out and not being traded Trouba decided to come back and sign a 2-year bridge deal with the Jets. Then we head into this summer where the name Alex Galchenyuk was being bounced around on the trade market, then not long after that Galchenyuk signed a 3-year extension worth $4.9 million per year to stay with the Montreal Canadiens.

Take this with a grain of salt, but when Sweeney was asked about the rumor by the Boston Globe today his answer was very simple “Not trading Pastrnak”. Obviously that doesn’t mean for sure Pastrnak wont be traded, but it’s encouraging to hear him say that. I said take this with a grain of salt because, of course, Sweeney isn’t going to come out and say “were shopping Pastrnak”, that would damage the return you would get for a player of Pastrnak’s caliber.



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