Thoughts on Kyrie Irving trade drama

Last Tuesday it was reported by one of the NBA’s best, Adrian Wojnarowski, that the Cavaliers traded PG Kyrie Irving to the Celtics for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and Brooklyn’s 2018 1st round pick. Both teams confirmed the trade on twitter and already started selling players’ jerseys with their new teams which might have been a bit premature. Then Friday came along and when Isaiah Thomas was in Cleveland taking his physical the Cavs claimed that Isaiah’s hip was worse than what they were told by the Celtics and are seeking more compensation. I have no idea what Cleveland is doing. Everybody knew Isaiah had a serious hip injury and wouldn’t be ready for the start of the season, it was no secret. Then yesterday it was reported that Cleveland had not asked Boston for any extra compensation yet, and I am thinking, okay, well, the trade needs to be finalized by Thursday so what are they waiting for? Then Chris Haynes on CSNNE speculated that this might have been Cleveland’s plan all along, and that is bush league if it’s true. The Cavaliers have a rookie GM and I have a hard time believing he would threaten his career by doing something this stupid, but, on the other hand, their owner, Dan Gilbert, I wouldn’t put it passed him doing this, he has shown in the past that he is a complete clown of an owner.

The way this trade seems to be going right now leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If Cleveland voids the trade and players go back to their old teams, that doesn’t bode well for either team but especially the Celtics. Cleveland won’t be able to get the type of value for Kyrie that Boston is giving them right now from any other team but they could always get something. Boston, on the other hand, will be getting back two disgruntled players who have already shown in the past that they are very sensitive. Most likely both would demand a trade and that doesn’t bode well in Boston. We have seen what teams have received when star players demanded a trade and it isn’t pretty. Imagine what the Celtics would get for a role player and a star PG in the last year of his contract + the fact he has an ailing hip, my guess would be it brings nothing of any true value back in return. If it’s true that this was Cleveland’s plan from the beginning just to dismantle the Celtics, then the NBA needs to step in because that would be embarrassing and would probably result in Cleveland being blackballed by other GM’s in the NBA.

My final thoughts are that this trade gets done whether it be by Thursday, or if they agree, to extend negotiations past Thursday. Both teams have too much to lose to let this fall through.


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