Radko Gudas deserves a long suspension

It took me roughly five minutes to find 8 clips of Radko Gudas being dirty, I am sure if I looked a little harder I could have found some more but these are good enough to prove my point. There is a constant with all of the clips except one, he targets the opponents’ head and that is unacceptable with where we are in sports and all the knowledge about concussions and how they ruin someones life either during their career or post career. Gudas has received multiple suspensions for some of his past hits like three games and six games, but clearly he still hasn’t learned. Last night when he chopped his stick down on the back of Mathieu Perreault’s neck (Although I don’t think he intentionally aimed for his head). The NHL players safety needs to make a statement that swinging your stick around wildly isn’t tolerated by hammering Gudas with a big suspension, not any of this 1-10 game garbage they normally do.

gudas 1

gudas 2

gudas 3

gudas 4

gudas 5

gudas 6

gudas 7

gudas 8

Cover Photo created by @DustinBrown88

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