Overall Thoughts After Survivor Series 2017

Survivor Series 2017 is now gone and there is just one more pay per view left before WWE shifts its focus to 2018. Survivor Series had a great build with the under-siege storylines between RAW and Smackdown and the shocking title change on the Smackdown before Survivor Series, as Charlotte won the Smackdown Women’s title over Natalya in her hometown.


Coming into Survivor Series, I had high hopes that it could be the best PPV of 2017 and could bring Survivor Series back to being a big four PPV that people can be excited for. After having a few days to reflect on it, I think that this PPV was very entertaining and had matches that were very solid. I think it will go down as one of the better PPV’s of the year but I think Great Balls of Fire from July is still the best overall PPV of the year for WWE.


The show kicked off with The Shield vs The New Day and I was initially surprised by this. I thought coming in they would have Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte or The Miz vs Baron Corbin kick it off. But this was a fun match to get the crowd invested early in the show. Both teams showed great chemistry and both teams continue to show their value to both of their respective shows.


Next up was the Women’s Survivor Series Elimination match. In my opinion, I took two main things out of this. First, Becky Lynch should have never been eliminated first. Lynch is one of the best women wrestlers in the entire company and outside of Charlotte is the best overall talent on the Smackdown roster. Second, it was good to see Asuka be the sole survivor for Team RAW. She needed more momentum after her main roster debut and this was a great way to show how dominant she was in NXT and transition this over to the main roster.


Skipping ahead to The Usos vs The BAR, the Usos continue to show why they are the best tag team in WWE currently. They can put on a great match with almost any tag team they face. Also, their promos as they walk to the ring and their overall presence have been a massive improvement to where their characters were as faces. With 2018 almost here, I hope that WWE rides the momentum of the Usos and they continue their great run.


In what I think is one of the best matches of AJ Styles time in WWE and was the best match of the night, Styles vs Lesnar was one of the best selling performances of Lesnar’s career. Coming in, I had thought that there would be no outcome that would benefit Styles unless he won this match. However, I think this match showed that AJ Styles is still one of the best wrestler’s in the entire world and he can put on a great match with almost any wrestler. This is regardless of their skill set or the size disadvantage that Styles may be facing. As a side note, AJ Styles 450 splash is one of the coolest looking moves in WWE today and I thought he had won the match off it on Sunday.


In the Men’s Survivor Series Elimination match, I felt that although the right team won, WWE needs to stop relying on old talent to take the spotlight from their younger talent. WWE’s biggest issue right now is developing young stars that can help propel the company for the next 10 to 15 years. They can’t improve upon this when Triple H, Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon are three out of the four final superstars left in the match. However, I did enjoy some of the staredowns we got, including Nakamura and Triple H, Nakamura and Balor and John Cena with Randy Orton and Braun Strowman. This provided a nice change of pace for the match and was just really fun to see the crowd react to each of the moments.


Overall, I really enjoyed Survivor Series and with the events of RAW and Smackdown following the show, I am excited to see what WWE does as we close in on the Royal Rumble in about two months. With the recent additions to both shows women’s divisions, I hope we can see some kind of women’s Royal Rumble match and continue to allow the women to make history for the company. Also, although I am not a big Roman Reigns fan, a huge congratulations to him on becoming a grand slam champion this past Monday. It will be interesting to see how his Intercontinental title reign goes and what WWE will do with The Miz going forward.

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