USA names two more goalies to their Olympic team.

As you all probably have heard, the NHL isn’t allowing their players to participate in the Olympics this year which stinks, but it means we will get to watch some college players who will soon be in the NHL and some guys who weren’t able to make an impact in the NHL.

USA named two more goalies to their roster today and I am guessing you probably have never heard of them before (David Leggio and Brandon Maxwell). If you do recognize one of those names, it is probably David Leggio and, no, it isn’t because of his talent.

Leggio infamously is the goalie who pushed the net over when facing a 2 on 0 during an AHL game, which led to the “Leggio rule” to prevent goalies from doing that.


Leggio has been out of the AHL for 3 years and now plays for Munich EHC in the DEL where he has put up some pretty solid numbers, .910 save percentage and a 2.00 goals against average. But guess what? He is still doing the same crap he pulled in the AHL by pushing the net off when facing breakaways. leggio 2

Hopefully this guy does this at the Olympics so we can get some sort of entertainment.

Here is a clip of Leggio getting pounded by another goalie.

leggio 3


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